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Questions To Ask When Choosing a BBQ Catering Service

Are you holding a social event, and you are thinking of serving barbecue? Well, you’ve made a great choice. Why? Because barbecue is a good option for social events. Plus, it’s tasty and affordable. As the host, you will barely have time to cater to your guests and to prepare the barbecue. Hiring a BBQ catering service is the best option. Knowing that there are people to cater to your guests’ meal will give you peace of mind and afford you time to focus on your event. Bu with so many BBQ catering services out there, how do you know which service provider you should hire? Compiled below is a list of questions that will lead you to the best catering service.

Which Service Do You Offer? Full-Service or Partial-Service?

Full-service catering companies will not only help to prepare the barbecue but also offer additional services. They will, for example, serve your guests, clean up after them, and even provide cutlery. On the other hand, partial-service caterers will only prepare the barbecue and leave the rest to you. Working with full-service caterers is convenient. This is because you will not have to help out with anything. However, you will have to pay extra. You can go for partial-service caterers if your budget is tight.

Find out if Your Potential Caterers Will be Available at Your Preferred Date

Never place your order without verifying a catering service’s schedule. It would be a great embarrassment to invite guests over and fail to serve their meals on time. Besides, looking for last-minute options is stressful. For these reasons, you have to confirm whether your caterers will be available. Don’t work with a catering company that claims to be fully-booked at your preferred date, and yet makes promises to work something out for you. They might fail to show up and do away with your money.

What Course of Action Should I Take If You Fail to Show Up?

In some unfortunate scenarios, catering service providers fail to show up. Being positive is a good thing. Nevertheless, being too complacent might cost you. It would be best to be adequately prepared to avoid being caught off guard. Ideally, a responsible caterer should give you a refund and compensate if they fail to show up. Remember to ask for a receipt after you’ve made a deposit. Without a receipt, you will not get any refund. Also, get everything that you agree upon in writing. This way, you can even present your matter in court if the caterers fail to live up to the agreement.

What Does Your Menu Include?

This is an essential inquiry that should never be overlooked. Go for catering companies that have diverse food options in their menus. For instance, choosing a company that provides both vegan and non-vegan barbecue would be great. If at all possible, find out the type of barbecue your guests would prefer. Limit your options to caterers who provide exactly what your guests want. With these questions, you can be rest assured of finding a reliable, efficient, and professional BBQ caterer that will make your event worth your while.

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