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What is Expected of You as You Wait for The Second Coming of Jesus? Find Out

According to the teaching of Jesus; He has instructed us to keep watch. He told us what we should be doing as we prepare for His second coming. These words “Keep Watch” are in the book of Matthew 24:42. Many interpret them to mean, keep awake. The mistake that you can do while on the watch is fall asleep. Thus, we should remain alert as Christians. Never let your trust and faith in Jesus be shortchanged for anything that is not acceptable to His teachings.

There is an example that Jesus gave. A homeowner who had their domicile invaded and possessions were stolen. Do you think the thief would have succeeded with the mission if the homeowner had an idea of the plans for the attack? Of course, no, he would not have given the thief that privilege. The description talks of physical possessions in your abode, but what Jesus meant about this is not having your electronics or jewelry or any other valuables stolen but your soul. Thus, He urges us to keep our souls guarded and prepare for His second coming. For you to have a comprehensive understanding of Jesus teachings, you can sign up for online films, sermons and other avenues used by the church to convey the word and the second coming of Jesus and how to be prepared.

For instance, being a homeowner, how should you protect your family and properties? We keep our doors and windows locked, stay vigilant when we spot individuals with wanting a behavior, listen keenly for unusual sounds and so on.

The question is, how do you keep watch of your soul as a Christian? You need to lock the doors and windows of your soul to keep off Satan from entering it. You also pay attention to God’s workings and stays alert to avoid Satan deceptions. Further, take note of the Holy Spirit as truths and dangers are revealed.

If you read through the Book of Thessalonians 3:11-13, you will come across the teaching of Christians who turned sluggish as they waited on Jesus to come again. They thought He would be coming so soon; therefore, they left their jobs and went to the temple to keep the wait every day. The truth is, these Christians turned to be a saddle to the church. Leaving their families without food, having bills to pay, and there is no cash to take care of all these obligations because they left their job. What a situation they placed the church and their friends? We see Paul advising them that they should go back to work as their decision was inappropriate.

Lets’ see another demonstration in Mathew 24:45. Jesus talks of a servant who was tasked to take care of his boss’s home. Verse 46, describes the servant as being good if on returning his master finds him still managing the property well. Then the master rewards his servant for the good deeds. The question is, are you serving the Lord well? If so, then much reward awaits you in heaven.

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