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Principles of Judo Fight

Judo is a game that involves two fighters with unarmed bear hands. Judo in Japanese literally means gentle way, as this is sports that when two fighters are involved no one must get hurt, rather retaliate in a gentle manner ensuring that everyone plays safe using the right tactics. When two people are participating in judo game, they must know that hurting each other may disqualify them, and that is a rule that must be adhered to. If in case one of the fighters is harmed, then he or she must face the wrath by being disqualified and get fined upon his/her acts. Judo game doesn’t need any weapons as this is meant to be gentle, it is actually a safe play that is done involving two culprits on each turn. Unarmed means the fight is meant to be safe and for fun only, the two are allowed to keep on going until the winner gets recognized.

Judo is a martial art, however it is still sport oriented as some of the dangerous technics that were used before seem to have been eliminated for the sake of safety. Being a martial art, judo was recognized to be risky as some technics were very harsh and gross for the two participants. Back in the days judo fighters ended up hurting each other due to the dangerous technics and rules that were used before, and because of that founders thought it is rather better to keep eliminating the dangerous technics until this awesome fight became safe for fans and participants as well. After decades now, judo has been proved to be safe and secure from any dangers, this means that the rules changed and the technics were improvised for the better. Some people may ask, “Can judo be used for a real fight”? Well, being a sports oriented match experts have warned players of judo to not take advantage of the technics they have to fight people in the society.

As much as the technics have been improvised and be amended for the better, experts still feel like some of these technics that are left tend to be dangerous and very risky in a real fight, this means if the experienced fighter decided to use them he/she might end up hurting the inexperienced fighter out there. So yes! Judo can be harmful to the real fight and should be evaded at all costs. However many judo fighters have been trained to keep off from fighting anyone rather walk away in peace to prevent more harm in hurting inexperienced people out there. On the other hand there is no kicking or punching in judo, as this is a martial art and which means it does not include striking nor punching, it is all about pinning and throwing. The winner might win from pinning the other opponent or by throwing of which this doesn’t have to be fierce rather be safe and gentle to evade any harm. By pinning the other culprit then the pinned is declared a loser and the pinner declared the winner. Warning, is that judo fight should be played by experienced culprits alone as this tend to be very risky.

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