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The Best Wedding Movies That You Will Love

When you are watching a good wedding movie with your bag of popcorn you will experience an out-of -this-world feeling. Regardless of whether you are watching a funny or cheesy rom-com, you will realize that wedding movies are in their own league. The large number of people that get married each year in the US can be said to be the reason why these movies have gained popularity.

If you are looking for a wedding movie that will keep you laughing throughout the showing is the Wedding Crashers. This comedy features Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn who are two pals who normally crash weddings their objective being to picking up women.

Another wedding movie that will guarantee of continuous laughter is the Bridesmaid which has a full female cast. A lady that goes by the name of Kristen Wiig acts as Annie in the movie and has gone through hard times that in the long run gets her in tough places. She is devoted to making the wedding party of her friend the best ever and these bands.

Another hit wedding movie is the Bride Wars which features two good friends who get engaged at the same time. Unfortunately, they turn competitive which threatens to ruin the occasion Things go haywire when they plan to book their wedding at the same location.

Another wedding movie that you are surely going to love is the Proposal which features Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Bullock in the movie acts as a hardball boss whose green card has expired and is facing deportation. In a bid to stay on in the country, she proposes to one of her workers, Ryan to marry her.

You should consider including the Hugh Grant wedding movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral in your list of favorite wedding flicks. The movie is regarded as an absolute classic that you should not miss to watch by any chance.

Mamma Mia is considered as one of the worlds highly rated music which has secured superb breakthrough. This is a story of Sophie who upon finding out that three men stand the chance of being her dad offers them invitation to come to her wedding.

Julia Roberts who has clinched her place as a star for romantic movies stars in the wedding movie, My Best Friends Wedding. Julia acts the part of a woman that discovers that she loves her best friend after he informs her that she is engaged.

If you are looking for a wedding movie that is different and awesome, you should consider the I Love,Man. Ecstasy develops between Peter and his long time girlfriend when they finally get engaged. When it comes to picking his best man for the wedding, he realizes that he does not have male friends.