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Reasons to Install Marble Kitchen Countertops

Modern homes are designed with open kitchen layouts to save on space. The open or closed kitchen layout still needs to be elegant. The marble kitchen countertops should be the first thing that comes into your mind when thinking of decorating your kitchen.

Marble is a natural stone that is highly resistant to scratches and cracks. Their high resistance to cracking and scratches is the reason marble was used for building from centuries ago. You can break a marble countertop intentionally but it is not easy to break even when you exposed to high impact.

The common edge profiles are bullnose, bevel, straight and demi bullnose because they are simple to cut. The stylish, complicated and elegant edge profiles that can be cut from marble countertops include stair thread, chiseled, cove bullnose, and waterfall. You can choose to buy marble countertops that are yet to be cut so that an expert can cut them from home while installing them on the top of your kitchen counters. You may buy already cut marble countertops that will not fit the kitchen counters perfectly. Not all designs of edges that can be cut from the marble countertop are suitable for the kitchen because you need a design that enhances the beauty of your interior decor.

You will not need to use so much lighting equipment to light up your kitchen if you have marble countertops. They can also be used on the walls of the kitchen.

They have a timeless elegance that will make your home have a beautiful appearance for the longest time. The color and hue of the marble depends on where it has been mined. Some of the factors that makes marble countertops expensive is their beauty, elegance, variety and them being among the trusted oldest building materials.

The material of the working surface will determine if cooking will be enjoyable and smooth or challenging. This is because chefs recommend marble countertops for kitchens. You will get an easy time working with the ice cream, chocolate, pastries and so many other ingredients for baking. However, when you have a marble countertop you will not have to clean the spills immediately for fear that they will be difficult to clean when they dry on the surface. The smooth and porous nature of the marble countertop makes cleaning after baking easy; hence, leaving your kitchen countertop spic and span.

They do not burn or melt. The heat will not damage the marble countertop, but it will change its color by making the place darker. You need to maintain the shade of color of your marble countertops.

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