Three Types of DNA Kits Offered by Jim Plante Unlock Genetic Information

The sequencing of a person’s genes has become a popular and effective way for doctors to gain insight into their patients’ overall health. Determining the DNA sequences is a straightforward procedure that involves using a DNA Kit. Jim Plante of Pathway Genomics offers a variety of DNA kits that can be used to unlock genetic information. Three of the most popular DNA kits are the Mental Health DNA Kit, the Pain Medication DNA Kit, and the Cardiac Insight DNA Kit.

Mental Health DNA Kit

After an initial diagnosis of mental illness is made, both the doctor and patient must work together to determine the correct dose of the most-effective medication. This can present a challenge because of the side effects that the patient experiences during this process. Using the Mental Health DNA Kit can provide insight into how a patient will react to over 50 psychiatric medications. That data can help guide the doctor and patient to the correct medication and dosage with less guesswork.

Pain Medication DNA Kit

Chronic pain is one of the most difficult conditions to live with. Those who suffer from it have likely tried a plethora of medication with varying degrees of success. In addition to the pain, they also are subjected to many side effects from the different medications. To eliminate some of the potential medications without actually having to take them, a patient may use the Pain Medication DNA Kit to determine how they might react to the drugs.

Cardiac Insight DNA Kit

It is not terribly uncommon for a young, otherwise healthy person to have heart problems that they do not know about. Heart problems can be present asymptomatically and only make themselves known when a person has a major cardiac event. The Cardiac Insight DNA Kit is a useful to tool for everyone, because it looks at 18 traits that are associated with heart-related health problems, like hypertension and heart disease.

The DNA kits offered by Pathway Genomics are perfect for anyone who wants to know more about their body and their genetic makeup. Each of the kits that the company offers is able to unlock a great deal of genetic information related to a specific aspect of a person’s health. Multiple kits can be purchased and used to form a complete picture. A person can then use this information to make informed decisions regarding their health in the future.