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The Top Signs That Your Parents Are Suffering From Elder Abuse

As you grow old, you will need some assistance so as to be able to do things that you used to do for yourself independently. The people the elderly trust can subject them to exploitation because of depending on them. The study done reveals that a lot of elderly people are subjected to exploitation in one way or the other. Elderly abuse is the harm that they are subjected to at the hands of the people they trust can help them. It does not mean that the torture comes from the assisted living or retirement homes. This can be caused by someone who is a relative, a neighbor or can be someone who is trusted to take care of them. You have to know the signs of torture to the elderly so as to be able to assist them. Analyzed below are some of the top signs of elder abuse.

Physical abuse is one of the top types of elder abuse. This can be any form of bodily harm or injury. Restraining the elderly by either locking them in a room, tying them or any other form is not allowed. It is not allowed to give the seniors drugs that are nor prescribed by the doctor. If you see some physical wounds, frequent wounds, burns, bruises among other physical signs of harms, these are just a few signs of physical abuse.

There are some of the elderly that also goes through sexual abuse. There is a misconception that elderly people do not go through sexual abuse. They normally fall victims because they are vulnerable. Exposure to pornographic materials or forced nudity are forms of sexual abuse to them. It is not allowed to touch without permission as it is treated as rape. Having torn clothes especially the innerwear, STDs, bleeding from the genitals among other things are also the signs of sexual abuse.

Another type of abuse is psychological. Yelling, threatening or having condescending communications at the elderly are psychological abuse. Some of the things that can make them psychologically not to be fit are making them not to go where they want, see what they want or controlling want they want to do.

Financial abuse to the elderly is also one of the types of abuse they go through. If you find out that the assets or property of the elderly are under threat, then they may be experiencing financial abuse. Forging the signatures of the elderly is also a type of financial abuse. It is treated as torture to the elderly when they are overcharged the services or charged the services they never received or even asking for bogus donations for them.

You should seek to speak privately with the elderly if you are willing to help them of which you should let them know so. You need to contact the pertinent authorities if you find out that the elderly are indeed abused or visit the elderly protective services or if you want legal advice on elder abuse, find a law firm to help you open a case if need be.