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The Benefits Of Classy Vinyl Lattice Panels For Your Porch

How many times have you noticed that house in your neighborhood and saw its unsightly underside? It is the place where even the bravest people will not dare to venture in, except for the small animals such as rodents and roaches. You might even think that all they need is a little porch skirting.

In the homes way back the old days, lattice or lattice panels are not really a thing. People usually ignore the issue and just threw in some pieces of wood in order to make some kind of an enclosure.

The very first time porch skirting was introduced is during the discovery of mobile homes. There was everything from the affordable metal and wood skirting to the more expensive brick as well as faux stone surrounds. Each of them was used for the same purpose, to cover the eyesore in the jacks and wheels.

But you need to know that metal skirting had a lot of issues because it can be bent easily, provide difficult ground level maintenance, and was also exposed to the elements. The wood lattice is a good alternative which is also not as expensive as the stone or brick. It was a better option because it provided more ventilation than the brick, enough pest control, and offered a uniform appearance. The only downside when it comes to the wood lattice is its maintenance. If the wood lattice is not treated right away, it will deteriorate which can be impossible to repair. Even the panels that were treated would need paint or stain to maintain.

As time goes one, wood lattice was phased out and vinyl lattice panels were introduced. The vinyl lattice panels provided the same benefits as the wood lattice but it only needed low maintenance and upkeep. Aside from that, the vinyl lattice panels provided better options in regards to aesthetics.

While the trend was launched by the mobile home, a lot of homeowners with open decks and porches already considered vinyl lattice panels. The only problem is the zero selection. That is how Marcus McAvoy started his business and handcrafted nice panels for his own house.

Then it leads to a lot of things and porch skirting started to become functional as well as very attractive and decorative.

You just have to take a look at the options of porch skirting today and you will discover that there are zero boundaries. You can find classic geometric patterns, geometric shapes, coastal scenes, flowers and trees from nature, custom designs, cohesive, and high-end look.

You no longer have to be embarrassed in showing the areas of your home that are visually challenged. You can now transform your home into a very classy home that you have dreamed of with the use of deck lattice panels and vinyl porch skirting. If you want to know more about vinyl lattice panels, then you should check out this link right here. You will really enjoy a lot of great benefits if you will consider vinyl lattice panels.

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