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Tips for Choosing a Medical Transportation Service

Each medical situation is unique, and finding a medical transportation service that best suits your needs can be a daunting task. Here are pointers to help you choose the best:

Put safety above all.

It is important to select a company that provides peace of mind. Find out about their emergency procedures, hiring methods and references from patients. A good company should have no qualms providing the information you want. They will be happy to talk about their proven safety procedures in place.

Their drivers have gone through stringent background checks before they’re hired. They have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record, are CPR-certified as well as well-trained in first aid procedures, and committed to meeting the privacy standards dictated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Research their availability.

Medical professionals know that accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. Find out how fast the company is known to accommodate emergency requests. Also, what exact services do they provide? Is there going to be a nurse, EMT or paramedic on board?

The most reputable medical transportation companies employ a whole team of professionals who are able to work with all types of medical emergencies. They have a reputation for providing superior quality service and at least two companion options.

They should provide door-to-door services.

The necessities of arranging medical transportation for a patient can be intricate. Door-to-door services cover an entire range, from advanced life support ambulance to wheelchair transport services and more. Select a company that is popular for offering these services with efficiency and where each ride comes with follow up with documentation from the driver.

Be sure that the company serves your area.

The best transportation companies will be honest about the areas they serve. Long distance medical transportation is necessary during international travels or when a patient is to be moved to a more advanced facility. Choose a medical transportation company that assigns a medical team to companion the patient during the whole trip, even in a layover.

If the patient can endure air travel, flight companions should be provided. This is ideal for those who are mentally active but require medical supervision.

Fleet maintenance is crucial.

Another significant factor to consider is the company’s fleet and how much care and maintenance is given to it. Find out the make and model of their vehicles and see to it that these have been inspected and have passed smog screenings.

Interpreters should be available when needed.

Finally, see whether there will be a medical interpreter who will accompany the patient. Such interpreters have to be professionally trained and qualified in industry-particular terminology, and should be native speakers. These are all contributors to quality medical transportation services and care that the patient should receive.

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