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All You Need To Know About The Greenhouse Effect And Measures To Undertake.

The world is our home. We need to protect it to ensure the survival of our race. Will are slowly killing and destroying our home planet. Industrialization is good but it should not kill our world, we need to come up with measures the will ensure and improve our survival rates. If we do not take care of this now, then we do not have a bright future. As we are observing every continent is being hit with weather phenomena. Some are being carried by water while others are dying of hunger. Climatic changes are real and if we do not take immediate action, then we will all suffer because of our doings.

One of the most significant causes of climatic changes of conditions is air pollution. It realizes gas that is toxic to everything. These gases do have acid chemicals in them. When gases are realized in the environment, they make us suffer from breathing diseases. Then the rain we get afterward is acidic thus cannot support life. It kills our plants and water animals like fish. We can think of getting rid of this pollution as soon as possible before everything is contaminated.

If we sit down and do nothing, global warming will get better of us. As we know, we will have reduced earth glaciers and ice cap. After some time, all of this will disappear. Low levels of grounds will go due to melted ice that will raise the sea levels. The best farms in fertile parts of the world will become deserts. This will affect us since we won’t have food to eat. Radiation will be reflected in the atmosphere due to aerosol increase. We need to have a new equilibrium that will stop the warming that we are experiencing. As you all know, we still realize this greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

What we need is to find a positive solution that is practical enough. It should help us maintain the global economic system without causing any damages to it. One of the perfect ways is coming up with ways of getting green energy. These types of energy do not emit any greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We should abandon the use of fossil fuel power plants. Countries can choose to work with nuclear plants, wind power, geothermal power, solar energy and many other forms of energy productions that are safe and economical too.

The introduction of electric cars should be embraced by both vehicles. As we know that many people locally own vehicles; thus, we have them emitting a lot of carbon dioxide in our environment. It is worse in third world countries where the emission of the gases do not have control. It shows that we have ways of saving ourselves. We will bear fruits if countries can observe these climatic conditions. The most industrious countries should have better controls in their production countries. What they realize is so toxic to us. Turning to green energy and having tough measured is the only hope left for saving these worlds.

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