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How Application of PESLTLE Analysis Can Help In Analyzing the Business Environment by B2B Strategic Communications

The PESTLE Analysis is a too that B2B strategic communications should use in the strategic management of the organization in future. It provides a system that is focused on the planning and monitoring of the organization and how they meet the objectives. This analysis plays a critical role. This calls for the assessment of the core of the organization. It looks at the available technologies and the resources that are available which are considered in the analysis. It also takes a look at the external factors which will affect the way which the organization concludes the business.

The PESTLE analysis tool is important in the examination of the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors which affect the organization. There are other factors which may not alternatively affect the business in equal measures.


This addresses the different factors pertaining to the education, copyright and employments. It is also inclusive of the government stability and the potential corruption. The laws are only changed with the reigning political parties. They exist and everyone in the organization must work towards achieving or paying the legal consequences.

These are the factors which affect the state of the economy, profits and revenue. This is with due consideration to the taxes, stock market trends, inflation rates and the labor costs among others.


These factors focus solely on the consumers and the prospective customers. It takes a look at the buying trends, population rates, lifestyle choices, social classes, education level and the consumer patterns of purchasing. This considers all the customers of the business, with heavy amounts on the PESTLE analysis considered in this section.


These are the levels and the advancements of technology. This is used by every organization to sell the products. There needs to be an appropriate study by the CEO of the access to the modern technology, technological change rates and the prices.


These are the factors are similar compared to the political factors. However, it affects how the organization operates the costs; handle the product demands and facilitating the business. There is a certain level in which an organization requires several patents to ensure that the competition do not replicate the products. It also comprehensive of the health, safety and consumer laws.


These include matters that deal with the climate and the eco-friendliness of the products by the organization. The focus should be on the organizations operations such as the competitors, customers, market trends and technological advances and how they affect the environment. An environment sound proof plan will help in relating customers to their products. The organization can also donate as part of the corporate social responsibility in managing the environment.

B2B Communication Strategy should be focused on the traditional management roles. It touches on the actions of the managers towards environmental change. The reactions of the people are geared towards the use of eco-friendly products with less emission and harmful to the environment.

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