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Benefits of Creating Peace in Space

The world is a beautiful place to live in especially when there is peace everywhere. There are a lot of things that people can do and develop themselves as they enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. However, given the technological advancement that has hit the world, there have been many attempts to disrupt this peaceful atmosphere. If this succeeds, the world will fall. The Earth won’t be the place we have loved and things will be really worse. Most nations have been building their space weapons and nucleus. This website focuses on this subjects and the various decisions that can be made regarding it. Peace is of much value to many people today.

Peace loving team came up with the treaty on the prevention of placement of weapons in the outer space. This was supported by China and Russia initially and even today, there are more countries who have joined in to support this treaty. However, countries that have been building space weapons have begun to threaten this treaty. They are all trying to place their weapons in space. Every new day today, you will read on the news about nations that are testing their space weapons that they have been building. If this is left to go on, many countries will begin to tease each other and in the process, we may end up in wars with space weapons. This will be the biggest mistake that we have ever done as we have no idea what that will do to the earth we have loved.

When people live in peace without any fears, there will be an increase in productivity. We will all find it acceptable and free for all of us to traverse the world doing business, visiting great picnic places, working for various companies the world over and improve the world economy. Agricultural development will improve and we will make good use of all the natural resources. Thus we should fight for this peaceful atmosphere. We don’t have to end up in wars that we don’t know when they will stop. These plans that are accelerating to weaponize the space should not happen. Everyone has the duty to encourage our leaders to support this best Treaty and keep our homes peaceful. If the big countries support this treaty, it will be the best thing as there won’t be weapons in the space to threaten world peace.

The verifiable Treaty agreement ensures that there won’t be any space-based weapons or nuclear weapons or any battles in the space. The treaty prevents the escalation of wars in the space that could lead to unstoppable wars on Earth. It’s worth the fight to ensure that this Treaty gets to see the light of the day and save us all the mess. If the U.S. will join this Treaty and encourage most other countries, we will see light at the end of the war tunnels that have been. This will then make the world a place for expanding international cooperative, commercial, military ventures in space, entrepreneurial, civil, in service to all people.

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