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How to Use Buttons as Decorations

You can have as many ideas as possible to use bottles of decorations, and some of them are discussed below.

There is more here on how the custom buttons will give a unique appearance to the wall. Add more beauty to the frames of the family pictures on your walls with buttons. You can also create images on a canvas using buttons. The lighting of your home needs to be decorated by buttons by using them on candle holders, lamp stands, lighting decors hanging from the ceiling and many more. Think of a button clock on the wall. Cut some burlap using the embroidery hoop. Fix the burlap and replace the clock positions with sewn buttons. Glue the clock mechanism on the back after cutting a hole at the center of the burlap. You need to fix the hands of the clock at the front and add the batteries for you to make the button clock functional. Try adding buttons on the rug at home.

Use buttons to decorate your kitchen. Stick buttons on the fruit and food bowls. Use buttons to draw words and images on the wallpaper of the kitchen. There is more here when you need to use buttons to decorate the kitchen.

The flowers on the windows and balcony need a plant string of buttons. There is so much you can do on the flower vases when you use buttons. The Christmas decorations have never been more fun to participate in when you use buttons. Your family Santa should not be excluded from decorating the Christmas tree using buttons because it is a family bonding activity! The buttons will make amazing snowflakes on the Christmas tree. You can use the nontraditional colors of buttons to decorate your Christmas tree because there is more here.

Your bedroom can be decorated more here about the tips to use. Sew strips of buttons running on your curtains from top to bottom. The edges of the duvet can be added buttons to make them attractive. You can use the buttons on pillows instead. The bedroom storage baskets should have buttons. Instead of star decorations for the ceiling of your child’s bedroom why not buy custom star-shaped buttons? Cover the doors of your wardrobe with buttons. The buttons can be used to write words on the cabinet. You can draw shapes using buttons. Use buttons to enhance the images that you draw on the door of your wardrobe by sticking buttons on the lines of the image. Make the frame of the glass cabinet with doors stand out by using buttons.

The clothes you wear will stand out with button decorations and the tips that are more here. Add buttons and your sock-boots and see how people will compliment your beautiful shoes. You may have bought handbags with button decorations at a very high price but start decorating your bags yourself with buttons and find out how much money you will save. You can make the chunky or simple necklaces out of buttons.