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What You Must Know About the Effect of Cannabis On Hormones

People have used cannabis since time immemorial mostly for recreational purposes and because of its medicinal properties. Even so, the recent past has had scholars take cannabis under serious research and scrutiny to help set the record straight on its efficacy and effect in the human body. Of the many things being scrutinized about cannabis usage is whether or not it affects hormones in the body. Of course, delving deeper into these studies may prove to be a daunting and time-consuming task. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind as you continue to read more here about the benefits of cannabis.

Studies show that the psychoactive component of cannabinoids known as THC integrates and exchanges signals with the endocannabinoid system in the human body. Further, the THC undergoes configuration hence is safe to say it is a calming counteraction of cannabidiol. Of course, such activity means the body and brain functions alongside all organs and glands will have some CBD in them.

Further, there are different strains of cannabis with each having its effect on the human body and brain thus reflecting the ratio of CBD and THC present. Also worth noting is the fact that the effects of these ingredients will differ based on the different consumption methods of cannabis. Another thing to note is that its effect on the human body also depends on the gender, age, weight, and metabolism and body type of the consumer. Simply put, the effect of cannabinoids on the hormone levels in humans largely depends on the mechanics of action.

Therefore, it is safe to claim that cannabis use has a direct effect on the sexual performance of both men and women. Read more here and discover more about the studies conducted and especially the consumption of cannabis and its cause of testosterone imbalance in men.

In general, though, a reliable cannabis website will list some of the notable effects of regular to heavy usage of cannabis as follows. It is believed it can reduce prolactin, the hormone responsible for sexual satisfaction. It can also delay growth and puberty in boys by reducing the levels of testosterone. Girls also report that cannabis affects by disrupting their regular menstrual flow since it affects estrogen levels. Important to always put in mind is the fact that cannabis studies are still inconclusive and most of the time they are contradictory. The reason for this is because many people will cherry-pick that which favors their belief system. By and large, consuming cannabis on an occasional to moderate basis is OK as the effects are negligible.

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