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A Deeper Understanding of Schizophrenia

A brain disease that affects the person’s dealings, thought progression and awareness of reality are what is known as Schizophrenia. This is considered to be one of the mental diseases that are hard to foresee. The very reason is that it does not happen at a young age. This one that will manifest at the early twenty’s for men and the late ’20s to early ’30s for women.

There is no clear reason what causes this mental disease. There are many experts though that believe that this is related to genetic and environmental factors. It is the complex interaction is these factors that can result in this mental disorder. A predisposing factor is what genetics is seen to be although it is considered to be one that plays an important role in the presence of the diseases. It is genetics though that does not have any relation to the development of Schizophrenia. According to studies, more than half of the people that have this mental disorder have family members that don’t have any form of mental disease.

Another thing that experts are looking into which may be the cause of Schizophrenia is complications during pregnancy. Different scenarios during pregnancy might be linked to the development of the disease. Low oxygen levels during the birthing process are one reason that experts look into as well. Any exposure to a virus is also seen as the cause. All these things are the ones that cause stress to the mother as well as the infant. High levels of stress are the ones that can trigger the production of cortisol. It is this hormone that many experts believe to be the one that is increased with people having this disease. Another thing that also might cause this disease is the chemical imbalance of the brain. Certain chemicals like Glutamate and Dopamine are believed to play an important role n the development of the disease. If the individual also has abnormalities in the brain structure then it can also be the reason why they can develop this mental disease. An enlarged brain ventricle showed through the CAT scans is common for people whit this disease. It is this one that will show a lack of volume and mass of the brain tissues. Another possible thing that can also cause Schizophrenia is the lack of brain activity from the frontal lobe. It is this one that is responsible for a person’s actions like decision making, planning, and reasoning processes.

Once an individual will have this disease then the effects that it will have will be felt not just by the individual but also by family members and friends. One of the ill effects of this disease is the inability to interact with other people. Since this one will have an effect at a later agree, this one can cause a reversal of behaviors. An outgoing individual will be withdrawn and uncommunicative once they will be stricken by this disease. It is also this one that can cause an individual to be paranoid and will be suspicious of everyone around them. It is also this one that makes an individual’s speech incomprehensible which makes them hard to understand. With appropriate support from family and with the right medications, it is this condition that can be addressed.

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