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Top Factors When Looking For the Best Doggy Daycare

As a dog owner, you are supposed to ensure that you take great care of your dog. Therefore, when you spend most hours working, or when you have an unpredictable schedule where you leave your home alone, then you are supposed to look for doggy daycare. You, therefore, need to start your search for the perfect doggy daycare that you can use. There are the top tips that you can look at to assist you in finding a good doggy daycare.

The first thing should be touring to the facility. You should ask the manager of the facility for the tour. You need to ensure that the environment of the place is very clean and also it is properly sanitized. You are supposed to look at the safety precautions of the place. You can choose the doggy daycare that the solid fence that will ensure that there is proper security. There are various safety features that you should look at to determine the safety features such ad the right ventilations, proper fencing, and also the right gating. Also, check at the flooring of the place to ensure it is safe.

You need to identify the doggy daycare which groups the dogs separately. With the large doggy daycare facilities, they split the dogs into different playrooms. This is determined by some factors, for example, the age of the digs, the sizes of the dogs, temperate, and also the play style.

You should ask about the staff to dog ratio of the doggy daycare. Ensure that the doggy daycare gas the adequate number of the staff. The most recommended ratio of the digs per person should be about fifteen dogs per human. This means that the dogs will get the right attention that they need.

You should look for the doggy daycare that has guided activities. You are supposed to ensure that you ask the activities that the dog will do throughout the day. Check if they offer any kind of training to the dogs. The training is essential to enhance the behaviour of the puppy.

You should look at the toy policy. There are dogs that are more aggressive with the other dogs. The dogs will be trying to protect the toys while thinking it is theirs. Therefore, when you know that your dog will not get along with the other dogs with the toys. You should look at the treats policy in the facility. There are some facilities that use treats to reward the right behaviour, and some of them do not. Therefore, you need to discuss with the facility about the treats that use. You are supposed to talk to the manager of the facility to get the right information. You are also supposed to inform if your dogs display any aggressive behaviour around any food. For example, whether there are any specific diets or any kind of food. You can tell them if your dog is very sensitive to any kind of treat.

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