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Permanent Makeup Safety and Choosing a Facility

What woman doesn’t want beauty for a lifetime? We all do, that’s why permanent makeup has soared in popularity over the years. And why not? It makes everything simple and more efficient. However, when considering permanent makeup, there is one all-important issue you need to get out of the way first. Before you set an appointment with anyone, you need to know one thing: is permanent makeup even safe?

Whether you’re thinking of defining your eyebrows, covering a scar or enhancing your eyes, find out the answer to the one great question: again, is permanent makeup safe? After all, nothing matters if it puts you in a risky situation. The good news is, yes, you have nothing to worry about. Permanent makeup is absolutely safe.

You can think of it as getting a tattoo. Humans have been getting tattoos since 3370BC! But of course, it all boils down to who’s putting on your permanent makeup for you. You can’t take chances with this. In fact, you shouldn’t settle for a facility that doesn’t actually consider it a medical procedure. They should maintain superior quality standards, from their tools and equipment to their hygiene. In particular, all needles must be sterile and pigments should be created specifically for cosmetic purposes by a reputable company.

Aside from finding a safe facility, you need to schedule a consultation with your practitioner of choice. They will ask you what you want and they will provide options. If they think you’re aiming for a pretty unreasonable or unrealistic outcome, they should be professional enough to tell you so.

Make sure to take advantage of this initial appointment with your permanent makeup technician. Find out as much as you can about the facility so you can decide better if this is indeed the right facility for you. For instance, ask them if those who perform procedures are well-trained professionals and whether they will be doing a test patch before your schedule. Also find out how they clean their equipment as this is crucial to safety, how many permanent tattoo procedures they’ve done and whether they can give you a list of references. If they don’t want to give any, look elsewhere.

On the business side, make sure they are a licensed facility and that they have a certificate proving that the place has been inspected by local health authorities. Very importantly, make sure the person you’re consulting is also the one who will actually perform the procedure or procedures on you.

Remember that permanent makeup, although generally safe, is not to be taken lightly. Only licensed experts are supposed to do it because the risks can be great otherwise. Read reviews and know what people are saying about the facility you’re eyeing (just make sure you choose reputable consumer websites like Yelp and Angie’s List for objective feedback). It pays to hear it straight from people who have actually used their services.

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