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Guidelines for Finding the Right Portable Nebulizer

A nebulizer is a device that uses compressed air to change liquid medication into breathable mist. They are mostly used by asthma patients and people with other breathing problems and they can be purchased as the electric versions or those that use batteries. A facemask or a mouthpiece is used to deliver the medication when using a nebulizer. To use a nebulizer, you measure the liquid medicine and place it in the nebulizer’s reservoir after which you attach a compressor on one side and place the facemask or mouthpiece on the opposite side.

Vibration or compression then changes the liquid medication to mist and it is then delivered through the face mask. it is a process that takes less than ten minutes with the user taking deep breaths to inhale the medicine into their lungs. There are many types of nebulizers that are designed to satisfy specific needs. You buy a portable nebulizer depending on the symptoms of your ailment. This site looks to provided you with an exhaustive guide for choosing the right portable nebulizer.

determine the ailment it is going to be used to treat. Every respiratory disease affects a particular part of the respiratory tract. After inhalation, the part where the droplet is deposited is determined by the size of the droplet thus determining the part of the respiratory system that gets healed. For your ailment to be treated effectively, you need a nebulizer that deposits particles of the required size.

Determine who is going to use it. If the patient is suffering from severe breathing problems such as asthma, they will need a nebulizer with a higher level of nebulization as it delivers higher levels of the nebulised ingredient. If it is going to be used by a baby or a child, it is advisable that you get one that is less noisy and produces a smoother mist to reduce disturbance when they inhale the medication. A nebulizer that can release particles of different sizes is more recommended if it is going to be used by someone with more than one breathing problem.

Consider the frequency of its use and where it is going to be used. Portable nebulizers are available in different sizes and designs. They are designed to meet different requirements even though they are all used by people who move a lot. For people who do not move much, a lightweight nebulizer that can be moved with relative ease can be suitable for them. If you move a lot, a fully portable nebulizer is what you need.

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