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Things You Should Ask Before You Book an Event Space

Are you planning to throw a huge party and your premises isn’t large enough to accommodate all your guests? If you are, you will have to rent a space. Needless to say, the venue where you throw your party is crucial. It can either break or add cheer to your event. So, you mustn’t rush the booking process. Not every space that you come across is good enough to hold your party in. You have to observe due diligence as you look for a venue to ensure that no mistakes are made. Knowing the right questions to ask before signing a lease agreement is a good and effective way of avoiding mistakes. Explained below is what you ought to ask.

How Many People Can Your Space Hold?

You would not want your guests to be cramped up in a small space, where they would hardly have adequate room to move around. As a host, your guests’ comfort should be your priority. Find out the number of people your preferred event space can accommodate. Choose a space that is big enough to accommodate all the guests that you intend to invite. You have to factor in other things too. For example, you have to consider the type of activities that you plan to hold during the event. You, for instance, have to find a venue that is spacious enough, if you plan to include dancing in your event program. Remember to prepare your guest list early enough. This way, you won’t have trouble determining size.

Do I Have to Use Your In-House Caterers and Suppliers?

Space renters have varying restrictions when it comes to caterers and event suppliers. On the one hand, some limit their customers to using their in-house caterers and suppliers. On the other hand, some require customers to hire caterers and find suppliers on their own. Working with space renters that avail caterers and suppliers would be best. It would save you a lot of trouble and time. You have to verify the quality of services delivered if you choose to go with in-house suppliers and caterers. You may, for example, request to sample some of their meals and beverages. Also, you have to confirm the costs they charge.

Will I have Ample Time to Set Things Up?

Last-minute arrangements often never end well. Thus, your crew should start setting things up early enough to avoid last-minute mishaps. Assuming that your event is scheduled for Friday night, and the space has been booked until the afternoon, your crew will not have adequate time to put things together. Find space renters whose booking schedules are well-arranged such that there is enough space in between to allow users to make all the preparations that they need.

What Are Your Cancellation Policies?

In some cases, things might fail to work as you had planned. For instance, uncontrollable occurrences such as bad weather and sicknesses might interfere with all your arrangements. For this reason, you have to verify the cancellation policies that space renters observe. Find renters that will be lenient, particularly when you are compelled to cancel because of reasons that are beyond your control.

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