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Key Things To Note Before Writing Blogs And Articles

Nowadays we are living in the times when there is a lot of competition in the business world. Therefore, business people should ensure they promote their brands adequately to stand out in business. Thanks to the advancement in technology today people can improve their business online. through digital marketing. The only thing that is needed to create a website that can be used to upload the contents. The main challenge is that business people are yet to understand when they should ask for articles and when they should ask for a blogger. Articles and brands are usually written to give the difference between a blog and an artice However, there is a difference between an article and a blog. Writers should be very careful when writing a blog and when writing an article.

Blog writing formats and article writing formats are used interchangeably since most people do not understand the difference. Different ways can be used to distinguish an article writer and a blogger. One of the ways is checking at the point of view. There are three points of view that are used in the English language. There is the first person, second and third. In the first person there is the narrator that speaks using pronouns such as I or we. Direct pronouns such as you are used in the second person since there are no specified narrators. There are no narrators in the third point of view and the readers are spoken to using pronouns such as her, it and many more. Bloggers should layout their content in first person while article writers use the third point of view.

The content written can tell the difference between a story and an article. Both of them address the same subject matter using variant approaches. Blogs are written in no specific format and are entirely the bloggers opinion. On the contrary an article is information that is researched and it is based on facts.

The third difference between a blog and an article is that they have a wide difference in the writing style. The tense used in writing blogs and articles are different. In blog writing, writers tend to use languages that are casual and easy to understand. People are able to showcase their personality when writing a blog. Formality os however portrayed when writing an article. The objective is normally to make the reader or the customer understand something as the writer portrays it. The fourth difference is the keywords used. There are specific words that should be included in the content of a blogger. No keywords must be followed while writing articles. Blogging is therefore useful to people who market using SEO strategies.

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