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5 Ways Of Treating Post-Exertional Malaise In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Post-exertional malaise (PEM) is the main symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome that worsens the other symptoms and causes a major energy crash that can result in minor exertion. Although PEM is the most severe symptom of the condition, there is no particular treatment plan for it. However, when you try the following methods, you can manage the condition and eventually get permanent treatment.

1 Nutritional Supplements

Do proper research on the right supplements to use for PEM that include online searches as well as talking to different doctors. Doctors are in the best position to advise you because they know how different supplements perform on varied patients and have recorded information from patients over a period of time.

Supplements are not a guarantee for treatment of the condition and they might also cause side effects depending on the ones you choose. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement so that you can be sure that you are taking the right ones. Besides, the experts will guide you on the right procedure of taking the supplements.

2. Pacing And Lifestyle Changes

In order to effectively manage PEM, you need to change your way of doing things. The process involves reducing your activities to the level your body can deal with. The reduction means that you only undertake the essential services and even though the decision is tough, it will be essential in improving your health.

3. Stress Management

You might have known that ME/CFS is deteriorated by stress. Stress management can help you manage major symptoms of PEM. However, stress signs do not mean that ME/CFS is a psychological disorder. Stress management has an indirect effect on PEM and if you have better stress management you will experience less severe PMS.

4. Exercise

You might be wondering how exercises can cause and take care of the same problem. You need exercises to help your muscles undertake the activities you require so that you don’t experience other symptoms or contract other diseases in the process.

However, your exercises should be mild and so you must stick to the advice from the physician. Besides, your doctor should recommend exercises according to your condition so that the exercises don’t end up hurting you more.

5. General Treatment

When you take ME/CFS treatment not aiming to treat PEM it will reduce the symptoms and the overall continuity of the disease. Besides, your doctor can recommend numerous treatment options for the same.

Talk to your doctor about all the treatment options available so that you can choose the safest and most effective. The physician can also recommend a combination of two or more treatment strategies for your specific situation.

If you are suffering from post-exertional malaise, you need a treatment plan that will be effective to take care of the condition. When you visit the doctor he/she will diagnose and recommend the best plan for your specific condition.
The physician will recommend one of the processes above or a combination of one or more if your condition is severe.

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