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Getting Geographic Information Services for Your Real Estate Business

If you have real estate business, you want your products to be seen all over the world. Hence, getting geographic information services makes sense. If you have heard of Geodaka Project, you must have thought of getting de-centralized GIOS. Your digital property layer will be over layered surely on world map service. You will love to see your digital properties to be published on the web. Once it is done, it will also be marketed immediately in various parts of the globe considering that people desire to check information about real estate properties online.

The company of your choice will surely conduct virtual spacing. They will assure you to have quality digital virtual property at a good price. Any broker and seller will surely create great value from that kind of service. You will appreciate the 3D sites because they become live and interactive as well. If you want to insert customized videos to promote all the details of your property, you can do it. You can even digitize all aspects of your store fronts, your inventory, and implant custom videos. On the exterior aspect, you would love to avail drone imaging. It captures not only the details of the building, but also your landscape.

Aside from that, you will also love to have drone photography and video services. Those services will digitize your buildings, landscapes, and other important property details. If you want to know what are included in the virtual marketing packages, you will enjoy to getting 3D modeling, points clouds, Orthro’s, and mapping. You will also have highlights of your custom-made property site movie. You need not to worry as to how people will see the details of your building exterior because they can provide you all your needs. They can even spot wonderful areas of your landscapes.

As to the interior, expect that the virtualization will include a 3D scan of all the details. If you expect to have accurate 3D virtual interior space, then it can surely happen. It is even possible for people to virtually visit your business space and any property bound for sale or rent. It is also possible for 3D sites to be shared for customization and collaboration. The prospect buyers can even decide to purchase the property even if they stay at their own homes. They need not to come in the actual site to see what they can get.

When talking about 2D floor plans, those things are indeed delivered in pdf format. Those floor plans will surely be assets for you because they can be used for future home improvements aside from using them for marketing endeavors. The 3D images are also expected to RealMap and Google Street View. Anyone in the world can surely find your business and property on world wide web. As to land survey and aerial mapping, you can just ask for a free quote from the company. They will surely work with you for any possible real estate project proposal.

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