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Why You Should Only Get Teeth Cleaning Services from the Professionals

Most if not all bacteria thrive in warm and moist environments. It is not surprising why your mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of your body. It is both warm and moist inside, making it the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and grow. Bacterial growth inside your mouth manifests in many ways. Plaque, for example, is the film that forms on your teeth because of the colonies of bacteria present in your mouth. It produces certain acids that can damage your teeth and gums even more. If you fail to address the plaque present in your teeth by removing them, these colonies of bacteria will calcify. As time goes by, they will mineralize into a tough substance you refer to as tartar. Once again, you are attractive more bacteria to enter your mouth and thrive inside.

Bacteria that are active inside your mouth are destructive. They can cause gingivitis or gum disease if you take them for granted. By failing to look after the health of your teeth and gums, you will suffer from periodontitis. This condition is a severe type of gum disease that damages that bone responsible for housing your teeth. Eventually, you will suffer from bone loss, causing your teeth to fall out because there is no more foundation solid enough to hold your teeth in place. All these reasons require the need for proper teeth cleaning services.

There are many ways to clean your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing your teeth and gums regularly will not do them any good. You need to get teeth cleaning services from the professionals or dental experts if you want a thorough clean for your overall oral health. If you insist to brush and clean your teeth by yourself, plaque still finds a way to form around your teeth for a certain period. It is best to get teeth cleaning services from your dentist. If possible, at least two times in one year. With professional teeth cleaning, you can stop the buildup of tartar and plaque on your teeth.

When it comes to teeth cleaning services from the professionals, you have a range of options to choose from. The most common is oral prophylaxis. This teeth cleaning service helps remove the build-up of plaque inside your teeth that you cannot remove by yourself with the use of your regular toothbrush. This teeth cleaning process involves the process of polishing your teeth. According to dental experts, you should get professional teeth cleaning services every 8 to 16 weeks. The tools dentists used for this procedure include fine hand instruments, polishing cup, ultrasonic scale, and paste.

Another teeth cleaning service is full mouth debridement. If your teeth have not undergone professional cleaning for more than a year, you can expect the heavy build-up of tartar inside. This procedure may be necessary when your dentist assesses a great deal of calculus build-up inside your mouth. The tools used for this procedure include a micro-ultrasonic scaler and some hand tools.

You can also get a gingival bacterial reduction procedure as your choice of teeth cleaning service if you suffer from gingivitis. It is often the procedure of choice after the regular oral prophylaxis from your dentist. This procedure uses laser light to help get rid of bacteria present inside the infected gum pockets of your mouth. The instruments used are similar to regular teeth cleaning services in addition to using laser light to aid in bacterial removal.

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