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Characteristics of a Laparoscopic Surgeon

Surgery is the most delicate decision every patient makes. It is the most crucial part of someone’s healing. The patient who needs surgery is a person who needs the most highly trained surgeon. A surgeon should, therefore, take the life of such a patient with a lot of weight. When a surgeon agrees to perform the surgery, he/she should be very knowledgeable about the surgery. He/she should be emotionally and psychologically prepared to carry out the surgery. A surgeon should have the following characteristics.

He/she should be a good learner. A surgeon should have all the information he/she will require during the surgery time. He/she should not have doubts of any kind. He/she should have clarity of everything. The knowledge he/she has should be up to date. Remember, once a life is lost, it can never be brought back to life and therefore, the surgeon should cause no or very minimal deaths. He/she should have good communication skills. He/she should be able to explain clearly and in detail the process that the patient is supposed to go through while surgery is ongoing. He/she should be able to communicate with the relatives of the patient when the patient is in the surgery room. He/she should assure the relatives that the patient will be okay to remove any unnecessary worries that the relatives may develop.

Bearing in mind that there are very few surgeons in the medical field, most surgeons that are there are forced to work for more hours than recommended. They may, therefore, lack the energy required to carry out the surgery. When a surgeon is called for surgery, he/she should be prepared physically. He/she should have the energy needed. Apart from physical energy, he/she should also be psychologically prepared. Other emergencies are hard to see. This is because of the extent of the damage. A surgeon should, therefore, be ready psychologically to see anything and not be affected in performing the surgery. He/she should be courageous enough to perform his/her duty without experiencing psychological interruptions.

The mechanical skillfulness is another aspect a good surgeon should have. He/she should be able to maintain good eye-hand coordination to avoid losing focus. Remember that surgeries are very delicate and one mistake can lead to more damage than healing. He/she should remember to put the tools well to avoid leaving some tools inside the body of a patient. Such cases have been reported and the consequences are not pleasing. He/she should practice high standard competence in his/her duty. If he/she has any mental stress, he/she should prefer assigning the surgery to another surgeon to prevent the occurrence of any mistake.

To sum it all up, you should take your time and research on the history and the reputation of various surgeons before you enter into a surgery room. Know the surgeon who will do the surgery well. Build a good relationship with the surgeon to operate your body. Good relationships help to add confidence to the surgeon and also to the patient. Let the surgeon know that you trust in his/her skillful surgeon skills. Above all, involve God in your surgery and trust in His miraculous doings.

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