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How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Home

Those people who work hard to keep raccoons away from their homes are those people who are aware of what damages they can cause when they hang around. Note that when females raccoons are looking for a nesting site, they can cause damages to your rooftop ventilators trying to get into your attic. You need to know during this period they are capable of also ripping off shingles. Note that once these female raccoons get into your attic, the first thing that they do is to damage your insulation by tearing it up. After doing so then, they get into your bathroom where they bring with them a lot of parasites. Note that sometimes these raccoons may avoid getting into your attic so that they can create their home in your crawl space, chimney or under your porch. You need to know that these raccoons will not stay without food so they will try as much as possible to get it from your garden, fishpond or let food bowl.

Sometimes people may find difficulties in detecting raccoons because they are nocturnal, which means they are mostly active at night. Those who want to confirm if they are some raccoons hanging around their homes should pay attention to the clues which they leave behind. Some of the things that people need to observe so that they can detect raccoons are their tracks and their droppings. Also, they can try as much as possible to find the evidence of their feeding by either looking at the damages caused to your fishpond and your garden, tipped over trash cans and emptied pet food bowl. Once you observe all these and confirm that raccoons are hanging around your home, then you should get the best means ways through which you can keep them away.

One of the things that should be done to keep raccoons away from your home is to ensure that you eliminate all the food sources from your compound. Just like any other living things, raccoons cannot survive without something to eat. So by removing food sources, they will be forced to move to other places where they can get enough food for their survival. Note that one of the things that attract female raccoons to their nest sites is the presence of food. Availability of adequate food for these raccoons will lead to rapid growth, thus making them increase in number. People should ensure that there are no sources of food for raccoons if they want to keep them away from their homes. This can be achieved by either putting a fence around your fishponds and garden, keep the pets food in the house, securing your trash cans and also to pick up fallen fruits and nuts.

Another thing that should be done to keep raccoons away from your home is to make sure you reduce the potential nesting sites for raccoons. You need to know that without a nesting site raccoons will not stick around, but instead, they will look for other better places. This can be achieved by sealing your chimney and all other entry points and also be cleaning up your yard.

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