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The Criteria That Is Followed Whenever One Wants to Report Drug Abuse at Work

It has been noted that there are very many people who are using drugs that are not good for their health in recent years. There are a lot of health issues that are associated with the abuse of drugs. There are different kind of drugs that are abused hence people have to be informed about the proper use of prescription drugs. Many people have taken an interest in the use of drugs that are harmful to their health. There should be aware of the kind of things that are harmful so that people can refrain on the use of the drugs. There are various people who are trained to give guidance to people who have a challenge with drug abuse.

In the workplaces, there are those employees who have been noticed to be under the influence of drugs as they use the drugs. It is necessary to ensure that people are educated on the danger of consumption of drugs while people are at the workplaces. There are legal actions that are supposed to be taken on the people who are not productive at work due to the use of drugs.
There are certain aspects that are clear to the people who are high on drugs. The process of creating a drug free environment should be created so that people can be in a position to get good returns in the long run.

The employees have to be keen to note down the kind of co-workers that are on drugs so that they can be in a position to report to the management. The employees should be bold enough to make a write up that describes the kind of behavior that the addicts are exhibiting. The company should take the initiative to make laws that restrict the use of the drugs art the workplace. It is the duty of human resource management to ensure that they hand the addiction issues in the company accordingly. There are certain things that the management should do so that they can save the returns that the company is having.

It is necessary to ensure that people are keen on the kind of tests that are essential in the identification of the kind of drug that is being misused. These tests occur in different types hence the medical practitioner should be consulted in this action. The tests like hair follicle testing important since they determine the kind of drugs that one is abusing and also the kind of levels that one is consuming. Legal action should be taken after the confirmation of the kind of drugs that the employee is using the said drugs. It is necessary to follow this protocol so that the affected people can get the desired help so that productivity in the company can be increased.

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