The Importance Of Following Federal Regulations

In the US, federal regulations require all fleet owners to use specialized diesel exhaust fluid in all their trucks measuring over one-quarter ton. The regulations require the drivers to add fluid according to how far they travel. Suppliers offer a multitude of fluids that meet the requirements as outlined in the law.

Improving the Performance of the Trucks

The diesel exhaust fluid improves the performance of the trucks if it is added appropriately. The trucks get more torque and power by using the fluids. The fleet manager must ensure that all drivers follow the directions for using the fluid properly. The trucks have an indicator light that appears when the fluids are decreasing. The drivers must add the fluids according to the readings.

Reducing Standard Maintenance Requirements

Using the fluids reduces the need for standard maintenance requirements. The fleet owners won’t have to send the trucks for oil changes as often. This reduces the downtime for the fleet trucks and allows the company to complete more deliveries each day.

Complying With the Law

The federal laws require fleet truck owners to use the appropriate fluids to control dangerous gas emissions. The selective catalytic reduction systems convert the gas emissions into a water and hydrogen mixture instead of nitrous oxide. The safe gas emissions aren’t harmful to the environment and won’t increase pollution. The vehicles will pass more safety inspections and won’t increase fines for the fleet owner.

Choosing Containers and Pumps

The suppliers offer containers and pumps that are used with the fluids. The containers are placed at the company’s location for additional storage. Containers are added to the trucks, too, and help the drivers maintain the trucks on the road. Pumps are connected to the containers for adding fluid to the trucks according to the requirements. The standard is two gallons for every 800 miles traveled.

In the US, federal regulations outline how diesel exhaust fluid is used in fleet trucks. The laws prevent harmful gas emissions from being released everywhere the trucks travel. Selective catalytic reduction systems work well with the fluids and prevent drivers from operating when the fluid is too low. Fleet owners who want to learn more about PEAKHD contact a supplier right now.