THE SHMINISTIM TOUR. Israeli women speak their conscience • 9/12 to 10/10/2009


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September 10, 2009: Israeli army resisters to tour U.S. college campuses this fall

Here’s a small sample of what the media had to say about the Shministim in the past:

Saying “No” to Service (Washington Jewish Week, 10/15/09)

High School Students Decry ‘Occupation’ (Jerusalem Post, 10/12/09)

Israeli Female War Resisters Wind and Mishly Tour the US After Refusing to be Conscripted (Free Speech Radio News, 10/9/09)

IDF Conscientious Objectors Explain Reasons for Rejecting Military Service (The Brandeis Hoot, 10/9/09)

“Why We Refuse” Tour Comes to Swat (The Daily Gazette, 10/8/09)

Israeli Teenagers Speak Out Against Their Military (Swarthmore Phoenix, 10/8/09)

Israeli Women Explain Choice and Consequences of Refusal to Join Army (The Daily Pennsylvanian, 10/8/09)

Israeli Political Objector Opens Up to Students During Lecture (The Miscellany News, 10/7/09)

Israeli Army Resisters Speak at Wesleyan (Middletown Press, 10/7/09)

Israeli Women Jailed for Refusing to Serve in the Israeli Army Tour the United States (Jewish Journal, 10/6/09)

Israeli Highschoolers Choose Jail Over Occupation Army Service (Electronic Intifada, 10/6/09)

Philip Weiss on NYU (Mondoweiss Blog, 10/3/09)

Israeli Teens Objecting to Occupation (WBAI Sunday News, Manhattan, 10/2/09)

David Samel on Sarah Lawrence (Mondoweiss Blog, 10/2/09)

Grit TV: Laura Flanders Interviews the Shministim (GritTV, 10/1/09)

Shouting Fire!: An Israeli Conscientious Objector (The Morningside Post at Columbia University, 9/30/09)

Israeli Military Resisters’ Tour Hits New York City (The Indypendent, 9/30/09)

Young Israeli Women Challenge Former Israeli Foreign Minister on Gaza and Occupied Territories Policies (Huffington Post, 9/28/09)

Israel’s ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ (Arizona Daily Wildcat, 9/20/09)

Prisoners of Conscience Podcast (Arizona Daily Wildcat, 9/20/09)

Meetings Put Focus on Israeli Military Action (Honolulu Advertiser, 9/20/09)

Women Who Refused to Join Israeli Army Speak at UC Berkeley (Berkeley Daily Planet, 9/17/09)

Flashpoints Interview (KPFA Bay Area, 9/14/09)

An Interview with Netta Mishly (”World Focus,” KPFK Los Angeles, 9/13/09)

Interview with Maya and Netta (”Saturday Morning Talkies,” KPFA Bay Area, 9/12/09)

Young Israeli Army Resisters Speak Out in National Tour (Mondoweiss, 9/11/09)

An Interview with Maya Wind (”Middle East in Focus” with Don Bustany, KPFK Radio, Los Angeles. 9/9/09)

The Spectrum of Disobedience: An Interview with Howard Zinn (Z Magazine, September 2009)

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is No Role Model for Hawaii’s Women (Huffington Post, 8/31/09)

The Day after the Gaza War: What can young people do to strengthen the prospect for peace? (Jerusalem Post, 8/25/09)

Maya Wind’s Testimony at the Citizen Hearings on the Impact of US Weapons on Civilians in Gaza (4/26/09)

Reservist arrested for refusing to take part in Gaza op (Ynet, 1/20/09)

Shministim deserve praise for resisting (The Star, Canada, 1/10/09)

Americans support conscientious objectors to IDF military service (Haaretz, 12/21/08)

U.S. group backing Israel’s conscientious objectors (JTA, 12/21/08)

Fighting on a different front (Guardian, UK, 12/18/08 )

Father, forgive me, I will not fight for your Israel (The Sunday Times, UK, 10/12/08)

Conscientious objector to IDF service jailed (Ynet, 8/20/08)

Israelis challenging Israel’s Militarization (Znet, 1/17/05)